September 29, 2016

10 am –  2 pm

Private residence; Pacific Palisades

Join me for a hands on cooking class!


a fusion of conversation, cooking and collaborating in a communal setting // a colorful, balanced, decadent meal to share as a community who shares a love of eating fabulous food


to create delicious meals with in-season produce and local proteins in a cost- effective manner // incorporate new skills to add to your toolkit allowing you to be more productive in the kitchen // learn why eating food that tastes good does not need to be different from food that is good for you // lose your fear of eating fat and why this will actually lead you to a lean body!


We can all read a recipe online, peruse the latest and greatest diet plan or mind over matter our way to that spin class we’re really not enjoying that much anymore but where does that lead us?
More often than not, right back where we started.

With the best of intentions, going back to the ‘same old’ rarely proves successful.

Ready for a complete revamp?

Then join me for my women’s workshop, and walk away feeling educated, empowered and encouraged, with practical eating strategies, great recipes for your entire family, new found friends who share common goals and objectives and an overall rejuvenation.

Learn how small tweaks in your current regime can facilitate maintaining your energy throughout the day, improving mental focus and losing those last few stubborn pounds.

What better time than now to get focused on what the missing links can be between all the hard work you’re already putting in and the ideal results you’ve set your heart on?

You’ll receive food journal and Q&A to complete prior to workshop in order to provide me with some background info on everyone, allowing me to create a custom experience for your needs.

Sign up now; space is limited!

Guests who have joined before are encouraged to return; build your momentum, keep the accountability and enjoy fresh, new recipes each month!

**No refunds

Sign up now; space is limited!

Guests who have joined  before are encouraged to return; build your momentum, keep the accountability and enjoy fresh, new recipes each month!

**No refunds


Your friends, your timeline, your specific goals and objectives.  Email me to learn more about how to create the workshop to address exactly what you need.

Women’s 2-Day Workshop

Pacific Palisades, CA  Fall 2016

You’re eating a healthy diet, you’re exercising regularly…so what is the deal with those stubborn last nine pounds?


I hear you.   You’re putting in so much effort yet aren’t feeling like all the work is giving you the results you want.

I’ve got you covered: the MISSING element you have been looking for is here.

So what am I writing about?

First, this goes way beyond meals: you know what to eat.

A light, chicken salad for lunch, a piece of grilled salmon and veggies for dinner.

Come on, you’re not lacking knowledge in how to eat healthfully.

Yet, even with your mental cupboards packed with information, some of you are still uncomfortable in your clothes and settling for being 9 ½ LBS over what FEELS right for YOU.

You’re not even remotely overweight to anyone else, however, you habitually reach for the same ‘cover-up’ attire and would never wear certain styles because it would show, ‘you know what’.

OK, this has got to STOP!

I racked my files and went over my work with private clients. Then, I saw it. These 2 CHALLENGES left unattended and unresolved kept individuals wrestling with their body image, confidence and happiness.

Now, could I really, and I mean REALLY, create a solution for you? Of course!

So, what are the 2 Challenges?

#1: PRACTICAL: Grabbing & Snacking, H.U.N.G.R.Y. Now, Underestimating the Cost of a 4 Minute Chew Fest

#2: PERSONAL: Food not as Fuel but as a Comfort, Reward, Distraction, and let’s not leave out, that ole Nighttime Numbing Stunt!  (Ladies, “bites” do count!)

What is my solution?

A TWO-DAY RETREAT focused on these two areas.

I will be partnering up with exceptional Results Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist Heather Hayward, who will be leading you through a process to ensure you find new clarity and freedom with food and self-confidence.

We will spend focused, intimate time, making space for small breaks, brief walks, and a plentiful selection of snacks we’ll prepare together.

The goal of our time together is to facilitate true transformation, the emergence of wholeness through your newfound capacity for self-care and moving forward with new choices both practically and personally.





Pacific Palisades, CA*

Click here to register; space is limited so sign up now!


Early bird                                               $625

Regular price:                                         $795

Day of, pending availability                       $850

What you’ll take away:

  • Practical tools and strategies to neutralize stress immediately
  • Downloadable Active Meditations to keep the momentum going
  • Techniques to shift your brain chemistry
  • A Daily ritual for renewal
  • Deal with self-sabotage powerfully
  • A clear plan for snacking and on-the-go eating
  • Snacks for the kids and say goodbye to back-seat bonking
  • Copy of Paleoista
  • Free download of the Paleoista App
  • Invitation to register for my Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Immersion Program at a 20% off savings.

Sign up now to give yourself the gift of transformation into that body you’ve been wanting…and nearly settled for not having.