Grass Fed Beef To Go

Grass-fed beef jerky, dried mango & cranberries along with macadamia nuts &  Marcona almonds.   How does that sound for a quick, portable snack to go? While it’s not as ideal an option as a Nori wrapped wild tuna sashimi roll with avocado and baby kale (one of my favourite hand-held snacks to go), it’s just slightly more practical to carry along with you on a flight or to throw into your briefcase to have for the next in-a-pinch situation you might find yourself in, as we all do. This Paleo-Friendly, Primal Pacs Snack is part of this week’s Paleoista Basket Giveaway; all you need to do is tweet, Facebook, instagram or post a comment on the blog and you’re entered to win! No need to default to low quality pseudo food from the office break room or at the gas station any longer!