Pantry Basics

Stocking up a healthy Paleo Pantry?  Start with the basics- two of the healthiest fats- extra virgin olive oil, great for drizzling on top of a salad or steamed veggies, and coconut oil- perfect for cooking foods at higher temps while providing great taste and loads of health benefits.

Paired with a selection of authentic spice blends, there’s no limit to the amount culinary possibilities you can create in your very own kitchen.

With an emphasis on local, seasonal produce balanced out with naturally raised proteins, the anti inflammatory Paleo Diet is all about a focus on the flavor and abundance of all the wonderful foods we can nourish our bodies with, while enjoying ridiculously delicious food at the same time!


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Special Occasions

Is there room on the true Paleo Diet for something rich and luxurious, now and again?


When we choose a piece of raw, dark chocolate, we’re not only satisfying that feeling of wanting something decadent, we’re also getting a potent dose of antioxidant flavonoids.

Rather than having to sift though endless ingredient labels to ensure you’re not getting lots of unhealthy additives that the majority of chocolates on the market contain, just go real, go raw and savor it.  And since the holidays just around the corner, making a plan for having a little something as part of your weekly regime can be just what the naturopath ordered to keep you on track with your overall Paleo path so you start the New Year off right!

With the Xochipilli 100% Bar’s rich, pure taste to the slightly sweet and nutty Chocolate Bark, Living Intentions Almond, Coconut and Fruit Clusters and Lulu’s Raw Chocolate, you’ve got all bases covered and plenty to share with the entire holiday guest list!


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Portable Proteins

What are the options beside mass-market produced jerky, uber high in sodium and soy when we need something portable and non-perishable?

No doubt, it’s hard to buy something that’s a grab-and-go option at the local store.

This Paleo protein basket offers choices that make the perfect option to snack on something with a viable protein source and a good dose of fat, rather than most energy bars, which just give a whopping whollop of sugar.

Bring on those amino acids!

It’s not only when we’re on the go that we sometimes need a protein source that’s simple and ready to go with zero prep.  Wild tuna, salmon and sardines are leaps and bounds ahead of the curve when we consider the alternatives!   Add some grass fed meats to the mix and you’ve got all the bases covered!



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