Are you interested in learning all about what Paleo living really entails?  Sure, there are lots of websites, books, magazines and even smart phone apps out there, some of which are great resources, and others that do nothing more than make what may already be an area of confusion for those new to Paleo living even more overwhelming!

Over the years I’ve heard all kinds of misinformation about what people think the Paleo diet is, from the idea that to follow the Paleo diet is to subsist purely on raw meat to the concept that it’s a no-carbohydrate manner of eating.  In addition, many who claim to follow the Paleo diet themselves, and teach it to clients, patients or friends do not really do so.

I’ve read cookbooks that call themselves Paleo that utilize soy sauce, canned coconut milk and vinegar.  I’ve perused websites of physicians claiming to promote Paleo living, and then go on to suggest that edamame and whole grain rice are good options.  I’ve even come across packaged food items labeled as “Paleo” that contain pea-protein!

Given how confusing the multi-billion dollar diet industry is, I suppose it should not be surprising that the Paleo space within the health and diet niche is equally as inundated with all sorts of skewed information and misconceptions.