The first step as we begin our work together is the initial consultation.

Are you ready to get to the bottom of those mysterious GI issues, lose the stubborn weight or rip off the sugar band-aid?

I have been there and I want to help you get through the jungle of misinformation and nonsensical recommendations.

This first step in working privately on your strategic eating program for high performance daily living, exercise (and, if you happen to be an athlete, training and racing) begins here.

You’ll receive a health history and objective Q&A to complete as well as a food log prior to our session.

This, along with any other relevant documentation will be reviewed prior to the meeting in order to make the best use of our time together.

During the first hour, we will discuss current eating patterns (timing, portions, energy level and athletic performance where applicable), goals and objectives and create a personalized plan with practical eating strategies for you to implement, effective immediately.

With a focus on mindful eating, what is local and seasonal where you are and how your body reacts to foods, we can work together to create your personal eating blueprint (which is different for all of us).

The consultation also includes a follow up appointment to review, fine tune and answer questions; this is the first step in our work together prior to beginning the customized, 2-month optimal health coaching program.

  • Learn how what you put in your body during your day-to-day regime is affecting you
  • Discover how inflammatory responses in the gut may be affecting your daily life and performance
  • Get to the bottom of why, as a a regular exerciser, or even as an athlete, you’re fit…but still feeling fat!
  • Understand the basics of how what you eat significantly impacts how you feel and whether you’re really living, or just settling for ‘so so’
  • Learn how to change your recipes to make them both more palatable and more nutrition by incorporating a variety of healthy fats and a focus on seasonal produce with humanely sourced proteins
  • Manipulate one of my download plans to suit your specific needs
  • Empower yourself by learning what an authentic human diet truly is really is and how to incorporate your own balance
  • Embrace the “undiet” – eating in a manner so satiating and nourishing on all levels, you won’t believe you’ve ever eaten in any other way.

Email me to get started!




The next step after the one-hour consult.  Includes a 30′ call every week and unlimited text / email support for two months.  This timeline along with the regular dialogue provided with the coaching has proven by far to be the most results-oriented model in achieving lasting results.

  • Personalized nutrition recommendations adjusted
  • Clients to keep track of their foods including: food intake, eating times, energy levels, sleep patterns, digestion
  • Analysis of what’s working, what’s standing in the way and ongoing support strategies for challenging eating situations
  • Recommendations / referrals made as needed for outside testing to address gut health (such as GI Map, Saliva Cortisol Panel, UA)
  • Support in learning how to navigate difficult / challenging eating situations while staying on track with your personalized plan
  • Dialogue in goal setting for health while keeping a fun twist on the process by including elements of play
  • Guidance in achieving and maintaining balance in overall daily living, including mediation, rest, recovery




One-hour visits booked as needed; available to past clients only in need of a tune up:

  • Weekly food intake and energy levels evaluated
  • Foods adjusted as metabolic efficiency and body composition change
  • Re-up of ongoing coaching provided based on how your personal eating patterns




Are you ready to finally achieve your health and nutrition goals, once and for all?

I’m interested in working with you, if you’re serious, 100% committed and ready to truly make lasting changes.

How do we do this?

Through an immersion which will take you on a mindful journey from what you’ve been doing, that hasn’t been working to a whole new you.

Do you wish you had someone to guide and educate you about  what to eat and when and how much?

Wouldn’t it be nice if that person also told you how to change what you’re eating before and after working out, or for the athletes out there, guided you through your training and racing diet?

How about if you also had someone to refer to when you’re traveling, dining out or have a special occasion coming up, all of which you’d like to stay true to your Paleo lifestyle?

It’s more than custom “nutritional” counseling; it’s the comprehensive lifestyle approach that needs to be addressed.

It’s not as simple as being told what to eat, how much and when.

You’re not alone; millions of people eat the wrong things for the wrong reasons.

If you’ve hit the point at which you’re ready to look reality square in the face and brave enough to make change, I can help guide you on your way.

Invest in yourself.