Reboot your body by creating a customized eating blueprint, the foundation of your path to optimal health!

Are you ready to get to the bottom of those mysterious GI issues, that 3pm slump often resulting in sugar fix and lose those stubborn pounds that crept on for no particular reason?

I have been there myself and know the pain of not being well.. and not being asked the right questions.

Using a food-first approach, together we will get to the bottom of this and create a customize plan just for you.

It takes 21 days for a new habit to stick, making this three week intensive program your best bet to fast track you to the best you that you can be and for all.

Unlike generic approaches or risky diet trends, my method will create support for your unique needs, goals and objectives.

We are all different, it’s not one-size fits all and developing your personal eating blueprint is where it’s at.

3 full-day meetings over the course of 3 weeks

You’ll get:

• Initial kitchen clean out – with thorough explanation of what stays, what goes and why, including cookware.
• Current lifestyle assessment; you’ll track food, eating times, energy levels, sleep patterns, digestion for at least a few days prior to us meeting
• Family health history evaluated
• Personal health history evaluated
• Height, weight, lean muscle mass & percent of body fat determined (BodySpec is a great option, using a DEXA scan)
• Goal setting session and weekly check in
• Weekly food intake and energy levels evaluated / you’ll keep a photo journal via iCloud Sharing with comments
• Ongoing coaching provided as you shift current eating patterns to match those that will match goals you would like to achieve. We will set up a time for a weekly, 30 minute call during which we will address all questions and concerns and adjust your eating blueprint template accordingly.
• Weekly farmer’s market or grocery store trips so that you have both angles covered
• Basics of cooking and meal prep for the rest of the week (in a manner which you can replicate yourself and build each week from there).    Options include but are not limited to: regional dishes, seasonal dishes, even themes such as holidays
• Focus on eating to support health, based on your specific issues, any diagnosed illnesses, food senstivites and allergies
• Unlimited text and email support between the hours of 9am-6pm Monday – Friday
• Strategic eating plan for your day to day life including work, travel, dining out and factoring in some wiggle room to create balance from the get go, rather than one too rigid and unsustainable.  Food has got to be enjoyed, after all!


*Gift certificates available.

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