about_imgMy name is Nell Stephenson. Thank you for coming to my site! I have followed the Paleo approach to eating since 2005 and it’s been the single most important thing I’ve done that’s changed my life. After a lifetime of being plagued with mysterious GI issues, endless visits to doctors and hospitals and every test in the book, I learned how to heal myself simply by omitting certain foods and focusing on the natural balance of Paleo: local, seasonal vegetables, wild proteins and natural fats.

For me, the last straw occurred when I was in my early twenties. I had gone to the nth gastroenterologist, who tested me for Celiac disease (after I’d already been ‘diagnosed’ with colitis, IBS, ‘possibly Crohn’s and my favorite ‘a sensitive stomach’) and when the results came back negative, told me not to omit gluten as it would create an inability to eat enough fiber, as many gluten-containing foods are marketed as the best source, and then handed me a prescription for Prozac, since there was nothing physically wrong with me, so I must have been imagining it!

I decided to take matters into my own hands and began researching online. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I was convinced that despite eating what was considered a ‘healthy athlete’s diet’, to support my ironman racing, there must be something I was eating that was making me sick, or at least contributing to it.

I stumbled across The Paleo Diet, by Dr. Loren Cordain, PhD, read it, and began following it straight away.

I felt better in three days.

I wrote to Dr. Cordain to simply thank him for his work and tell him what a gift it had been to me to discover it, and to share with my clients.

He wrote back, and invited me to contribute to his newsletter. We then developed an implementation program the following year and in 2010, we co-wrote The Paleo Diet Cookbook, along with his lovely wife, Lorrie.

Professionally, I began adding bits and pieces of my nutritional regime to my private training clients’ routines.

Regardless of what their health concerns were, everyone began to get healthier, leaner and feel better overall.

I started my ‘all things Paleo blog’ in 2007 and began the gradual segue from a small business consisting of local private training clientele to one which enabled me to begin to reach people in greater numbers.

I now work with clients globally to help them learn how to implement Paleo into their daily regime.

In addition, I do quite a bit of public speaking on True Paleo and corporate implementation as eating properly tends to positively affect workplace productivity, not surprisingly!

I’ve had the opportunity to be featured twice on the Dr. Oz show as a Paleo expert, visit incredible cities around the world to educate about what Paleo really is and have added to my offering to you some invaluable tools to help you on your journey, including my Paleoista APP, a nationwide fresh food delivery service, three published books on Paleo living…and that’s just the beginning!

I invite you to peruse through the site at your convenience as I share my story, and my journey from not Paleo (pre 2005) to ‘mostly Paleo’ (as you’ll see in earlier posts, when I still ate the occasional bowl of rice cereal, ‘green powder’ and vitamins with fillers… before I knew better!) to where I am today, intermingled with posts including recipes, topics in the media relating to health and food, reader’s questions and a little bit of every Paleo topic you might think of!

Paleo living is the way to live!


Nell Stephenson

BS Exercise Physiology, USC
ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor
Paleo Chef
Ironman Athlete
Marathon Runner
Weimaraner Mom