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NEW!  How To Paleo Guide…Keys to handling the top five tricky eating situations to keep you on track… for less than a buck!

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Perhaps you’ve read The Paleo Diet  and you get the gist, but need a little help determining exactly what to eat, when and some simple prep tips.

I offer a series of pre-written, downloadable plans to spell everything out, to the tee!

Clients also often find that the combination of buying a pre-written plan and then scheduling a phone or skype consult to customize a plan to their individual needs is a nice balance between trying to implement a plan that’s ‘one-size-fits- all’ and custom counseling, if the latter is out of budget.

Current plans available include:

 How do I know which plan to choose?

Wondering how to determine how many calories you need per day?  Are you guessing based on an arbitrary calculation that you may have tried to stick to before, only to find you were feeling hungry all the time?

First, don’t over think calories when it comes to Paleo.   

Yes, of course, calories count, but following the optimally balanced macro nutrient ratio of the Paleo diet (roughly 40/30/30, in favor of unprocessed carbohydrate) supersedes the antiquated idea of consuming X number of calories simply based on nothing more than a guestimate.

30 Minute Consult & Any 6-week Plan

Interested in dowload plan but feeling like you’re going to need just a little guidance?  Or, perhaps custom monthly Paleoista counesling is just a little out of budget?

Here is the happy medium!

Your choice of any of my 6-week plans along with a thirty minute consult (phone or SKYPE) is the perfect mix of a guideline to follow along with an opportunity to ask all your Paleo questions or simply fine tune the plan to suit your individual needs.

*No refunds or exchanges.