It’s actually quite easy.

If you eat food and move, you will be healthier than if you eat things that are not food and don’t move!

Granted, there is so much misinformation today in the media, in diet books, magazines and online that it’s beyond confusing for many to distinguish what they really should or should not eat.

Unfortunately, we can’t simple assume that our doctors, nurses or health care professionals have the answers either, as they, too can be handing out erroneous suggestions based on what the pharmaceutical companies are selling them on, and are often not very healthy themselves.  

We’ve reached a situation in which people are approaching their healthcare as a ‘fix-it’ rather than ‘prevent it’.

Even then, the fix tends not to be nutrition based… until the other venues are exhausted.

I believe we need to look at what we are putting into our bodies first in order to figure out what is ‘wrong’ or why we don’t feel our best.

Yes, of course, there are circumstances when prescriptions for Western Medicine are needed but I don’t see taking a pill (which will also have its own side effect(s)) as a viable option for a first step.

Hippocrates said it best, “Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food”!

If you’re in search of a quick fix to weight loss, a magical method of exercising only once per week and expecting to reach your goal or a magical pill that will ensure optimal health, then I’m afraid you’re not going to find what you’re looking for here.

If, however, you are interested, engaged and ready to commit yourself to live the healthiest and fittest life you can, contact me to arrange a consultation.

The journey starts with the first step!

If you’re overwhelmed and confused about ‘how to go Paleo’, ‘which of my plans to buy’ or ‘just want to know what the heck to eat!’ the easiest thing to do is to contact me to schedule a Paleo phone or SKYPE consultation, available globally.

It’s your hour, so whether you need a little help tweaking your diet here or there, want to know how to adapt it to your particular day-to-day life or athletic training schedule or simply learn how to make time in your busy schedule to implement eating this healthy diet, the consult is your chance to literally pick my brain and ask questions to your heart’s content for an hour.

“What should I eat?” is probably the most common question clients ask when beginning nutritional counseling.   With all of the diet books, ‘fat burning pills’, celebrity endorsed supplements and surgical weight loss procedures available, how can one determine who is giving the best advice and what to believe?

There is an incredible amount of misinformation (and a multi-billion dollar industry) around the topic of weight loss and diet and it’s extremely difficult to know who or what is giving the advice and which is best for one to follow.

I work with clients all around the world, from athletes to new moms, and execs to students, who have one thing in common: they want to learn how to adapt the healthiest manner of eating that they can, which is the Paleo diet.

I use a very simple, common sense approach:  “Eat Food”.

In keeping with Paleo eating, food is: fresh vegetables, fruits, wild fish, grass fed meats, free-range poultry and healthy, unprocessed fats.

Food is not: processed carbohydrates (such as grains and legumes) or other acid-forming foods (like dairy products).

If Paleo foods make up the diet, the body is being supplied with every macro nutrient, vitamin, mineral and fluid it needs to function optimally.  You’ll feel great, too!