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It’s your hour, so whether you need a little help tweaking your diet here or there, want to know how to adapt it to your particular day-to-day life or athletic training schedule or simply learn how to make time in your busy schedule to implement eating this healthy diet, the consult is your chance to literally pick my brain and ask questions to your heart’s content for an hour.  

Learn how to “Paleo-ize” your favorite recipes, manipulate one of my download plans to suit your specific needs or simply have a chat about all things Paleo.

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If you’re interested in an analysis to figure out why your current regime is simply not working for you, the analysis is a great starting point. I’ll send you a food log to use for a few days which provides the basis for me to determine what the current picture looks like.  We need to know where we are starting in order to accurately measure progress.

By tracking what you’re eating, you’ll often become aware of trends and habits even before you share the details of your diet with me.

Don’t worry if you think your current diet is appalling, and not remotely Paleo. Even if you frequent fast food restaurants every day and a 3pm blood-sugar induced trip to the coffee shop for cake and a milkshake is your norm… I’m here to help you change all of that!

You’ll keep a food diary of what you’re eating, how much and when, how you feel before and after, as well as how much you’re sleeping and exercising.  In addition, including other important factors such as any prescriptions or supplements you might be taking, water intake and medical conditions all factor in to dietary recommendations.

Learning to identify which foods make you feel good and which make you feel awful is a key component of implementing and adhering to the Paleo diet.