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  • My Story:  My journey from sickness to health through trial and error eating.  In my case, consuming gluten, soy and dairy turned out to be the hidden culprits causing years of GI distress…yet all that time, no doctor ever asked what I was eating.  It is from this personal experience that I found strength, perseverance and the passion to help others experiencing the same run around.
  • Eat Food and Move:   Taking a back to basics approach as step one when addressing health issues
  • Why Settle for ‘So-So’?  Feel Fantastic:  Making small changes to your current healthy eating and exercise regime in order to pave the way to vibrant living.
  • Eating for Productivity in the Workplace:  Practical strategies to avoid the office’s break room food mess and keep you feeling fit and focused!
  • Avoiding the Back Seat Bonk:   Moms, this one’s for you!  Keeping the kids happy without relying on many of the all-too-readily available kids’ food items.
  • Improving Athletic Performance with a Higher Fat Diet:   Why eating too many carbs may not be the best way to go and how implementing fasted training can serve to improve your health as well
  • An Hour in the Kitchen: A fun, hands- on demo of  how, in one hour, we can prepare ample food to last us and our families for days of healthy eating on the go.