Athletes and Alcohol: Does Drinking Impact Performance?

Hello from Sonoma! It’s been another great weekend in wine country, where I’ve been busy with the race, some R&R, delicious Paleo eating (it’s hard to go wrong when you’re surrounded by such an abundance of local produce and foodie culture!) and, of course, a little bit of indulgence in the form of some good, […]

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Veggie Noodles Take the World By Storm

When I first discovered gluten consumption was one of the key contributing factors to years of illness, my first thought wasn’t “how will I live without pasta, bagels and bread?” Since I’d been so sick for so long, learning I had the choice to not ingest the thing (or things, plural, as I’d discover soon […]

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Is Your Health at Risk for Sitting Too Much?

You’re active, you’re eating well and getting a full night’s rest on a regular basis. So does it really matter if you’re spending upwards of eight hours sitting at your desk every day? Without a doubt.   In a recent study from the Archives of Internal Medicine, adults who sat for more than eight hours […]

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