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Committing to Paleo doesn’t mean compromising. The Real Paleo Meal Plan includes everything you need to lose weight, get lean, have energy, and feel the best you’ve ever felt by experiencing a true Paleo diet lifestyle.

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Chock full of Paleo essentials!

Meal Plans


  1. Properly balanced macro nutrient ratios.
  2. Portion sizes based on your specific needs.
  3. Simple preparation tips.
  4. Food timing for sport specific plans.
  5. Time saving tips.
Shopping Lists


Customized to your shopping habits.
Exercise Tracking


Stay on top of your exercise regime, track your progress, and set new goals!
Food Logging


  1. Achieve calorie balance.
  2. Understand energy expenditure vs. food consumption ratio.

While the Real Paleo Meal Plan does not include recipes, it provides all the essential tools you need to easily adopt a Paleo lifestyle.



When you buy The Real Paleo Meal Plan you’ll have the template and the tools you need to make healthy eating choices and enjoy the food you eat, all at the same time.


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From home or on-the-go, access The Real Paleo Meal Plan from your computer, tablet, or from your phone! When you subscribe, you’ll receive your login credentials and helpful user tips.


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Jeff Reece, Age Group Triathlete (30 – 34) & Investor, Jasper, Indiana

I bought the Real Paleo Meal Plan and it has already helped break up the monotony of the “same-ole, same-ole.” Since I made all of these changes at once so I am not sure the magnitude of each individually, but suffice it to say the combination is great! I really can’t thank you enough!

Cheryl, Washington

I was eating sensibly, yet non-paleo and despite running, swimming and biking, could not lose my spare 25 pounds. In the first 10 days I have lost 5 pounds and a size. I have noticed my legs are a bit heavy when I run and look forward to week 3 when the metabolism adjusts. This program will restore my strength and speed. I give total credit to your clear and sassy, fun approach to getting my attention and giving me confidence!

Lorenzo Medina, Executive, Mexico

I finally understand that eating habits are the key to a better performance in my everyday life, especially while training hard. In the last six months I have dropped 22 pounds – body fat from 16% to 8%; but the most important fact is that I have a lot of energy to be with my family, to work at the office and to train hard. Thanks to the sound Real Paleo Meal Plan I have excelled in the age group category; I have made it to the podium! I am very satisfied and grateful; I will remain Paleo for life.


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