Where Are We Getting Our Advice?

“Proper nutrition and hydration are key ingredients in helping your clients get the most out of their workouts. Keep in mind that since every person is different, exact needs will vary. However, here are some general guidelines…” began an article which I received in my inbox today. This newsletter is one I receive from IDEA, which […]

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Reflecting on Injury…

“It’s a stress fracture of your calcaneous and you’ve got to wear a boot for 6 week. No running. No cycling except on a stationary bike with the boot on. No swimming because you’d have to push off the wall and that could be risky. But you can do upper body strength training.” That was […]

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Out for the Count

I even got the winning number. Can you top A1111? In corral 1. But I wasn’t be there. My disappointment goes beyond words. There’s a part of me that was still thinking somehow I’ll be there this morning to toe the line at the 2017 LA Marathon, a race I’ve run before, a race which was my first […]

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