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6Wk Paleo Endurance Plan


6Wk Paleo Endurance Plan 10007
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6 week paleo-based nutritional plan for the endurance athlete. Perfect to use in conjuction with your workouts assigned by your coach.

Key features include:

  • All meals are within keeping of paleo eating guidelines, with the exception of the inclusion of carbohydrate gels during training and glucose used in the homemade recovery shake.
  • Meals are built with the assumption that weekends are assumed to be higher volume days, while weekdays are planned as shorter, but perhaps more instense workouts.
  • Preparation suggestions are included in some meals, and it's encouraged to make extra portions at dinner so as to eat the leftovers the following day for lunch.
  • Macronutrient ratio is the focus over number of calories. Get ready to reach your lean & fast racing potential.

Concerned that the plan won't fit exactly into your personal training plan?  Schedule a SKYPE consult to learn how to tailor the plan to suit your schedule.