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6WkAutoimmune Paleo


6WkAutoimmune Paleo 10008
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There are a few extra foods, like nightshade plants and egg whites, in addition to the standard Paleo diet, that one needs to avoid if dealing with an auto immune disease.    Here's an easy way to get the hang of your new healthy eating plan to help get you as  healthy as you can be, despite your diagnosis!

Key features include:

-Five 400-calorie meals per day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks

-Tonight's dinner = tomorrow's lunch (save prep time!)

-Easy to follow preparation ideas

-All meals balanced with regard to macronutrient ratios (Fat/Pro/Cho)

-All meals are composed of WHOLE FOODS. Nothing processed. 


Try eating this way for six weeks and you'll begin to notice improvements of AI Symptoms.