Athletes and Alcohol: Does Drinking Impact Performance?

Hello from Sonoma! It’s been another great weekend in wine country, where I’ve been busy with the race, some R&R, delicious Paleo eating (it’s hard to go wrong when you’re surrounded by such an abundance of local produce and foodie culture!) and, of course, a little bit of indulgence in the form of some good, […]

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Half Ironman Now, Wine Later

I’m driving up North to Sonoma today for another half Ironman race.  It’ll be my 10th time navigating this absolutely to-die-for course and I’m keen to enjoy another lovely weekend in Wine Country.   Vineman 70.3 as it’s now called, is particularly special race to me, as it was the very first half I did […]

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Veggie Noodles Take the World By Storm

When I first discovered gluten consumption was one of the key contributing factors to years of illness, my first thought wasn’t “how will I live without pasta, bagels and bread?” Since I’d been so sick for so long, learning I had the choice to not ingest the thing (or things, plural, as I’d discover soon […]

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