1,2,3 Cook: Why Not Make it Easy?

When I first started following an authentic Paleo approach, back in 2004, it was a rare occasion when someone had any idea what I was talking about. The typical response was an odd expression on whomever’s face I happened to be speaking to and then sometimes, a comment about having to eat dinosaur meat. If […]

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Gut Health for Dogs: What Are You Feeding Him?

In humans, disease starts in the gut. This isn’t likely a new flash to you and chances are even if you haven’t delved much into the research proving this to be true, at the very least you’ve probably at least heard of phrases such as leaky gut, the gut microbiome and gut disbyosis. But did […]

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Do We Really Want to Eat Something Labeled Fake?

Pseudo. Or Faux. As in Fake. How much processing, refining and packaging can a food undergo before it’s no longer food? I’ve taken to referring to this category over the years as non food, or fake food, but of course, they’re not labeled as such. In fact, many have forgotton what food truly is, in […]

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