High Performance: Beyond Sport / Into Life

It’s funny; I never really saw myself as an entrepreneur. When I’d hear that word, or read it, I’d think ‘someone with an MBA’ or someone who created a company in Silicon Valley or launched in Kickstarter. I haven’t done any of those. And even though I have worked for myself for twenty some odd […]

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Run For Joy

It’s raining here in LA; not atypical in the least during this time of year and quite frankly, we need it! And since it’s still rather mild in terms of temperature, especially in comparison to where I was for a few weeks during the holidays (England- where temps were barely over 0°C), it’s really  not […]

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Farm to Table Dining, Everywhere You Go!

One of my favorite parts of our beautiful holiday in England was the abundance of farm to table dining, everywhere we went. That, paired with the ease of being able to run anywhere, something I highly recommend for everyone (and if running isn’t your thing- walk! Both are the most simple and natural things a […]

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