Dry Brushing: What is it and Do I Need It?

You eat your wild salmon and avocado, you’re mindful about what products you choose to wash your face with and you go to great lengths to not let yourself scorch in the sun. Is there anything else missing in your glowing skin routine? Maybe so; and it doesn’t include something else you should be eating […]

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A Most Refreshing Water

What do you do when your garden produces too much produce?   You get creative! In my case today, the case in point would be cucumbers.   Unlike stocking up in bulk like you might do for proteins purchased at the farmer’s market which can be frozen, or buying large quantities of dried herbs and […]

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Not Sure? Toss It!

For years, one of the most fun and valuable exercises I do with clients is a kitchen clean out.  We go through the pantry, the cupboards, the fridge and the freezer and dump everything that’s not actually food. The next step, then, is to procure real, fresh, unadulterated produce, meat, fish and poultry from the […]

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