Share the Love in a Bowl

Last summer, I learned about a new Paleo cookbook, which would be entirely focused on soup. The author, Ali Rakowski, reached out and asked me to review it, which I did, and I highly recommend it. In particular, I liked how she stayed true to Paleo and on the rare occasions where she used something […]

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It’s National Milk Day Today

I’m not making this up.  Today really is National Milk Day.  Who knew there was such a holiday? Apparently, it’s a celebration of the day when milk was first delivered in glass bottles in 1878. On the very same website where I learned about this holiday, if you will, was a very succinct description of this […]

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Soup-To-Go Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Let’s face it.   We live in a hectic time and for many, squeezing in the time to eat is a luxury. It can easily end up being more along the lines of a collection of random foods thrown together haphazardly and inhaled in a hurry, rather than an enjoyable meal. While part of the strategy […]

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