Chilled Berry Soup, Anyone? It’s in The Paleo Kitchen!

Writing for online publications such as the blog on the Vitacost has been a great way to reach folks who may not have connected with me otherwise. After all, the Paleo niche can be limiting to say the least. Rather than focus only on those who truly understand what an authentic approach to ancestral eating is, […]

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Share the Love in a Bowl

Last summer, I learned about a new Paleo cookbook, which would be entirely focused on soup. The author, Ali Rakowski, reached out and asked me to review it, which I did, and I highly recommend it. In particular, I liked how she stayed true to Paleo and on the rare occasions where she used something […]

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It’s National Milk Day Today

I’m not making this up.  Today really is National Milk Day.  Who knew there was such a holiday? Apparently, it’s a celebration of the day when milk was first delivered in glass bottles in 1878. On the very same website where I learned about this holiday, if you will, was a very succinct description of this […]

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