Share the Love in a Bowl

Last summer, I learned about a new Paleo cookbook, which would be entirely focused on soup. The author, Ali Rakowski, reached out and asked me to review it, which I did, and I highly recommend it. In particular, I liked how she stayed true to Paleo and on the rare occasions where she used something that wasn’t, such as her ‘rebellious’ pea soup recipe she wrote for her brother, she stated as much. Very refreshing amongst the many Paleo cookbooks that abound these days, with regular occurrences of prepared nut milks, vinegar, ghee and bacon! A little more about the book from her site: “Bowls of Love highlights Ali’s philosophy that cooking is the most pure and simple way to share love and invest in the health of yourself and your loved ones. There is no easier or better way to nourish the people in your life than by feeding them a healthy, beautiful, and delicious meal. Food is a celebration, a promotion of good health, a gesture of appreciation and generosity, and a gateway to conversation. All relationships are built and sustained through communication, and sharing a meal every day with the ones you love is the perfect catalyst.” Check it out now; she’s offering a special code: VALENTINE15 for 15% off!