Chilled Berry Soup, Anyone? It’s in The Paleo Kitchen!

Writing for online publications such as the blog on the Vitacost has been a great way to reach folks who may not have connected with me otherwise.

After all, the Paleo niche can be limiting to say the least.

Rather than focus only on those who truly understand what an authentic approach to ancestral eating is, why not instead, think on a broader scale and appeal to anyone interested in bettering their health?

Given that Vitacost is an online source for vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition and organic health and grocery products, it would make sense that anyone on their site might be interested in learning how to clean up a recipe, make a slight shift towards  more keto approach to eating or simply gain an idea about how to make kid-friendly snacks in a jiffy… all topics I’ve had the opportunity to write about on their platform.

My goal is simply to help people feel empowered when they make the connection between eating a food which makes them feel badly, having the ability to choose foods which make them feel fantastic, and as a result, come away one step closer toward their personal, perfect plan.

Check out their book, Paleo Kitchen, which they’re offering as a free download on their blog page.  In it, you’ll find recipes from several Paleo-enthusiasts,  including two of mine, such as the chilled berry soup, shown above.