Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of the Day: Add Some Cacao

Yesterday, a client shared with me that while she was out doing some early holiday shopping, the smell of all the chocolate candy in the toy stores proved to be really tempting. She abstained and didn’t partake, but her comment got me thinking! So what’s the key?  Keep eating the chocolates and just wait until the New Year rolls around to start implementing healthier habits? Well, that is one way to approach it…but you could also get a little creative and go right to the real deal, raw cacao, and enjoy a superfood in the truest sense of the word, savor the taste and reap the health benefits, rather than chomping down the junky candy from the shops. Cacao, high in flavonoid antioxidants, which can help decrease inflammation, is one key ingredient to keep in your kitchen to have as part of your healthy, Paleoista approved arsenal. Use it to make Paleo Mole sauce for chicken, add some into a Chocolate Autumn Pumpkin smoothie or make some Paleoista Haut Chocolate (recipe in the book, Paleoista! ) By incorporating this delicious ingredient into part of your regime, you’re one step closer to feeling confident that you’re not missing out on all the tastes of the holidays! Check it out!