Paleo Too Expensive? Here’s Another Perspective…

Set aside the idea (or fact!) that by eating to support health and prevent illness, we save on long term costs, even though the short term grocery bill may be higher when we buy organic, local, grass fed versus boxed, canned and packaged up in shiny wrappers for a second.

Think about how much you're saving by just using FOOD and not additives, fillers or artificial seasonings!

One of my clients sent me a little note about an epiphany she had while doing her Paleo Kitchen Clean Out.  She's been completely Paleo for several months and her husband is 'mostly' Paleo…

"As I threw out baking products, flours, half full jars of all sorts of stuff; a thought came to me. People complain about the cost of paleo, but actually, there is very little waste when real food is bought. I used to buy all sorts of processed products to add to some kind of dish, and then not finish the jar or bottle or package. Now, there is wasted money!"
She makes an excellent point!  I recall going to great lengths to procure a specific and very pricey bottle of Ras el Hanout by a company recommended in a specific recipe only to find that their particular mixture contained silicon dioxide to prevent caking!  I obvsiosuly didn't buy it, but if I had, it would've been money down the drain after using the small amount I needed for a single dish.
No matter how you look at it, the benefits of Paleo living FAR outweigh the costs!