Paleo in the Workplace

You’re at work and you’re hungry.   You don’t have time to jump in the car and beeline to the nearest Whole Foods to make a salad so you head to the break room, where you’ll be sure to find several types of fresh, raw greens, a few wild protein options and a selection of olive oils from around the globe.

And then the alarm goes off.

But why does it have to be this way?

Of course, cost is the number one issue. It’s simply much more economical to purchase microwave popcorn and (non) foods worthy of life in a vending machine that will last for months on end than it would be to procure the makings of a salad bar every day.

But then the workers are more likely to be sick and  overweight and less likely to reach their optimal productivity level.

What’s the cost of that?

Working with corporations to help them integrate a healthier (I often avoid using the P word) eating approach in the workplace is something that needs to be done, immediately.

Reach out to your own company to ask what it would take to implement change, get your co workers on board or forge your own path.

It’s not until enough of us make some noise that change will begin to occur, so stop shrugging your shoulders and settling for microwave popcorn.  

Let that junk sit there and figure out a way to start something new, better and far healthier for yourself and your colleagues!

Contact me if you need help!  Corporate implementation of Paleo is something I happen to specialize in, incidentally!