Sweet and Savory

Sweet as in the flavor experience, not as in added white sugar, that is!

One of the many nice things about cooking is that anything is fair game in the Paleo kitchen, as far as what can  be prepared with what.  

If we view cooking as a playful and fun way to approach providing a meal for our loved ones, a significant other or for a friend’s dinner, it can take a lot of the stress out of the game, especially for anyone feeling kind of shy about this important part of the Paleo lifestyle.

Specifically, I’m talking about pairing sweet with savory.  While visions of the American-ized Chinese Food ‘Sweet and Sour’ corn-syrupy sauce may come to mind, I’m referring more toward a natural version.

Consider foods you might typically think of in a dessert or sweet context, like fruit, for example, and another food you might think of  as being appropriate for a savory dinner such as fresh herbs.

Right now, local, organic peaches are in season.  So is basil.  Grilled peach + basil = amazing.

In California, we’re spoiled with many varieties of organic avocado and many of us think of savory preparations like atop a green salad or in guacamole.   Have you ever tried it as the fat source in a homemade smoothie?  Think chilled herbal tea, raw kale, a chilled soft boiled egg or two, 1/2 a ripe avocado and a cup of blueberries?  To. Die. For.

Don’t forget to look at the flip side, too: the occasional dessert.  If you’ve found that decadent raw chocolate (the closer to 99% cacao, the better), try it with a dash of heat from a sprinkle of cayenne or a far East twist with a hint of ginger.

The more you play around with different flavors, the more you’ll learn what works with what, which bring out the flavors best and what creates the most contrast while still being balanced.

Now, get thee to the kitchen and play!   Cucumber, peach, lime and cayenne sounds good as a starter…