Welcome to the First Paleo Lifestyle Studio

It’s official- the studio I’ve been dreaming about opening for years is now open for business! What, you might be thinking, is a Paleo Lifestyle Studio? Imagine a place where you could stop in and hear me give a free lecture about how Paleo living can suit moms, kids, people with autoimmune condition or lose weight. And then, if you wanted a little more guidance, you could partake of an intro to Paleo with the Paleoista Three Week Challenge, which you could use for yourself, or gift it to a friend or family member who might benefit. You might also care to hear a lecture from one of the guest speakers I’ll be lining up that will cover a range of topics that are complimentary to this healthy manner of living. Yoga plays a part, too, as classes for this activity, which is something I personally believe we all should be partaking in, will also be among the services offered. Or, just stop in, say hello and join me for a cuppa green tea. You don’t necessarily need to be an LA resident to partake, as my clients are located all over the place and sometimes come in just to make a point of contact to meet in person after working together remotely for a long time. Hope to see you soon! Paleoista, a Lifestyle Studio is located in Brentwood Gardens Shopping Center at 11677 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 211.