Are WHITE Potatoes Paleo?


Well… let me rephrase.  In one particular situation, I'd class them as a 'Plan B' food… FOR ENDURANCE ATHLETES:

You're away from home and are unable to find sweet potato or yam and you have a big training day or race ahead of you.

Keep in mind that the Saponin content on the skins is very high, so try to NOT eat the skin.  Also, go for roasted in olive oil or boiled, then finished off with coconut oil or avocado along with whatever protein and veg you're eating in that meal.  (Don't kid yourself into thinking French Fries are a good option…ever!)

That's it.

NOT for a snack by themselves when you're sitting at your desk and for sure NEVER for one who is following a PALEO AUTOIMMUNE diet, as in that case, all night shades are to be avoided.

I'd prefer to see an endurance athlete eat some white potato in an extenuating circumstance than some pasta or a bagel!