I can't say it enough- so here's another post about the same old topic-


Don't have time to exercise?  Make it!  I've seen even the busiest executive or single mom of three find a way to make it fit.

Don't like it?  Try something new!  If you're tired of your mom's 1983 Jane Fonda VHS tape (OK, I'm busted, this is one that I actually used to use back in the day!), check out a new class or try a session with a private (QUALIFIED!) trainer.

Can't afford it?  No one ever said you HAD to belong to that posh gym up the street-
there's a sidewalk outside with your name on it and all you need are
(maybe) some good running shoes!

Haven't learned to self-motivate?  Get a workout partner for accountability.  You're less likely to flake and you may end up developing a fab new friendship.

Whatever your excuse is, there's a rebuttal.

Most importantly, look at your self in the mirror and do a double check- have you got a healthy, working body?  Then, there is no excuse not to move it.

It is a GIFT to have the ability to move.

Think of others who cannot, or who do, but under far more trying circumstances and let that serve as your inspiration.

Move it, move it, move it!

If everybody moved, the world would be a better place; less obesity, less crime, less dollars spent on maladies that could've been prevented by being healthy in the first place… (Yes, I am aware of how silly and child-like that statement may sound, but it's ultimately how I feel!)