Waiting Until the New Year?

It’s December the 27th. New Year’s Day is a mere five days away. Are you all set with your resolutions? Is January the 1st the day you’re suddenly going to eat veggies at every meal, avoid cookies at the office and spring out of bed at 6 am to head to the gym? Sound a bit over the top? It could well be;  if you’re like many who’ve gotten into the habit of not exercising, not making the healthiest of choices and perhaps delving a bit too much into holiday excess. So what is going to make January the 1st any different from June the 3rd or October the 13th? It’s just a day. Yes, it’s the start of a New Year but to add unrealistic stressors to your life in the form of a series of new habits you’re somehow suddenly going to add to your regime, might not be the best approach. Why not start now?   And with a small step? Even if you’re still in the midst of indulging in holiday candy, leftover pie and a bit too much port with dessert, if you add ‘getting in a walk’, now, you’re ahead of the game. On the same token, if you’re already a regular exerciser, and you’re trying to talk  yourself into believing that the 45 minute elliptical trainer will ‘cancel’ out the pancake festival you had for brunch, simply swapping those flapjacks out for some eggs and sauteed spinach will also set you on the right path. In other words, sure, go ahead and set some goals for 2015, but at the same time, keep in mind that purposely adopting the mindset that you’ve ‘got to get in one last hurrah’ (kinda like couples who go their separate ways for pre-wedding parties in Vegas for the same), can indirectly set you up, even if subconsciously, for a regime too strict, with too much deprivation that is, in effect, unsustainable. Take it in small steps, start now and take pride in your forward motion toward your long term goal toward health.