6 Reasons to Eat Peanuts. What?

According to Learnist,  a “crowd-sourced collection of the world’s knowledge, with curated web, text and video content on Learnboards™ covering tens-of-thousands of topics”, we should all be eating peanuts.


Because of their ability to:

  • Can Lower Cholesterol 
  • Control Blood Sugar
  • Lose Fat
  • Make You Lean
  • Provide Good Fats
  • Boost Memory Power
  • Provide Protective Nutrients

Hmmm… where is this information coming from?

No mention about the fact that peanuts are one of the most common allergens?   Or that they’re packed full of the anti nutrients, lectins, which contribute to leaky gut?   How about their susceptibility to a mold that produces a mycotoxin called aflatoxin which is linked to certain cancers?

If you’re hooked on this legume and can’t imagine a world without peanut butter, switch to a nut butter instead, but make sure it’s raw, and that you’re not eating it in huge quantities as all nuts are high in Omega 6s, which are in inflammatory, and all nuts also contain phytates, which, unfortunately, also can contribute to leaky gut when eaten too much or too often.

Better yet, transition to more avocado, rich in monounsaturated fat as well as coconut oil, the only food source of medium chain tryglycerides and, of course, olive oil.  

These three fat sources, in addition to the natural fat we get with our proteins like wild salmon or a nice, grass-fed rib eye, provide a great balance of the fat we desperately need in our lives!