A Rainbow Colored Plate

The next time you sit down to a meal, have a look at your plate.

What color(s) do you see? Is white the predominate shade of all your ‘food’? Does white pasta, rice, bread, flour and sugar make everyday appearances in your diet?

If so, you’re missing out!

Not only from a nutritional standpoint, but from a flavor perspective as well.

Why not begin taking small steps to add variety to your diet?

Take advantage of seasonal produce; fresh ruby-red cranberries, crisp, green Bosc pears, vibrant oranges, yellow spaghetti squash & black Lacinato kale (one of my all time faves) are only a few delicious items that you may choose to have grace your table next time you’re due for a meal!

Simply adding a new piece of fruit or veg to the grocery cart (ask the produce manager at your local shoppe for cooking suggestions, if need be) each week is a great way to integrate color and more nutrients into your daily diet.

Start with taking the small step of adding some more fruit & veg to your plate and over time, you can slowly edge that processed white food off the plate entirely!