Juice Cleanse? Or Just Juice?

When one of my clients told me he’d lost 18 pounds in three weeks using a Juice Press Cleanse, I was a little skeptical.

Even more so after he told me that, not surprisingly, after he finished the trial, all the weight came back, and then some.

I’m sure he’s not the only one who’s experienced this.

However, that doesn’t mean that having one of the ” cold pressed, raw, organic juices” offered by this company, or any of the many others who use organic, local produce is a not an option.

It all comes down to choosing the right variety and timing it with regard to when you’re exercising and / or what other food you’re pairing it with.

Looking for a great, replenishing and refreshing option after a long, hard run or bike ride?  Chose one that contains some coconut water for electrolytes and high glycemic fruit for packing glycogen back into your liver and skeletal muscles.

Need something to balance out a morning snack at the office because you forgot to pack anything green to go with your leftover chicken cooked in coconut oil from last night?  Chose an all veggie option; you simply don’t need any sugar from fruit if you’re motionless at your desk, and fat and protein from the leftovers will balance out the complex carbs you’ll find in the juice.

The caveat is this:  do not rely exclusively on juices, even if they are all veggie and not fruit, to be your sole source source of getting your greens.

Juicing cuts out all the fibre and not getting it from this rich source (which provides about 7 -11 times what you’d get from processed, fortified grain products) can create issues similar to those found when one follows an all protein/fat diet with zero carbs.   (Read:  constipation is not normal, nor is it a typical result of following a True Paleo regime. If you’re blocked up, you’re not following True Paleo!)>

Take away:  yes, having an organic, cold pressed juice can be a part of your healthy Paleo regime… but they key word there is part.