Grimmway Farms Produce- Local, Fresh and Paleo

If you live anywhere in North America, chances are you’ve seen this brand or one of its affiliates (Bunny Luv and Cal-Organics) in your local grocery store.

The largest grower, shipper and producer of carrots in the world grows locally (to me) in regions throughout California.  Recently, they reached out to me and asked if I’d be willing to try their product, on the house.

Oh, OK, twist my arm and give me yet another reason to eat some greens- they’re complimentary!

During my last shop at Whole Foods, I picked up some of their collard greens (which I used in lieu of couscous, to accompany a North African Lamb Stew) as well as a large bag of carrots, both organic.

If you’ve been a blog reader of mine for  a while, you know by now that I tend to be a bit picky about what I eat.  (OK, very picky.)  So, keeping that in mind, I was happy and not at all surprised at how fresh everything was.  The carrots were moist, vibrant in color, crisp to the taste and made for a great addition, shredded, tossed in with my signature salad.

The collards were phenomenal as well; a quick saute in olive oil, onion, red pepper, cumin & cinnamon with a few currants thrown in rendered a lovely side to the stew.

Bottom line- give their products a try; they offer many Paleo friendly veggies and certainly put their customers best interest first.

Here is their site; enjoy!