Help! What Can I Eat At A Vegan Restaurant?

One of the coolest things about the Paleo lifestyle is that contrary to popular belief, it’s actually not all about living in a bubble…or a cave.

Yes, it is easiest to be sure there’s nothing funky in your food if you’ve sourced it and cooked it yourself, but come on now, none of us want to feel like it’s a choice between holing up at home every time you eat, missing out on the social component that is simply a big part of our eating experience as a whole.

And no, I’m not suggesting you show up at the three start Michelin place with a tupperware of steamed organic broccoli and a piece of a pasteurized hen named Charlotte from the local farm.

Most places offer something that’s Paleo friendly, even if you have to modify a bit more than you’d planned.

But what to do if you’re dining with friends of the vegan persuasion?   While Paleo and Vegan share in common the plant-based nature of the diet, the one huge differentiating factor is the protein sources.  

The easiest fix here is to either eat a little bit of some animal protein shortly before you leave home in order to maintain the macro nutrient ratio, and/or make sure to include some good fats from avocado, coconut oil and olive oil with whatever veggie dishes you order at the eatery.

No need to swallow your pride along with a wallop of tempeh, seitan or good old tofu, which can leave you with a sore belly, bloating and a feeling of ‘why did I do that’ when you can avoid ingesting the stuff you don’t normally eat in the first place, nor to feel out of place when dining with friends who don’t happen to have the exact same Paleo viewpoint you may have.

Problem solved!