Sharpen Up Your Skills: A Must-Have Kitchen Tool Makes its Debut

Whether you’re new to the kitchen and are stocked up on cooking essentials, or are a well versed chef who’s got every last toy Williams Sonoma has to offer, there’s one thing all of us who spend any time at all in the kitchen need: a solid chef’s knife.

Having a fully equipped kitchen allows us to take our creativity past the limit and create an endless array of easy to prepare breakfasts, simple snacks, delicious dinners and even tantalizing treats for those special occasions.

And just like the misconception that following a real Paleo diet has to be expensive (it doesn’t), it’s also not necessary to break the bank in order to prepare our kitchens with the necessities.

A few months back, Josh Moses, one of the founders of Misen, makers of ‘an honest knife at an affordable price’ reached out to me and explained that he and two colleagues were starting a new company geared toward making kitchenware as functional and high quality as the food we put into our kitchens, and would I be interested in learning more?

You bet I was!

Here’s a little more, from their website:

Misen is the first online kitchenware company creating quality essentials with premium materials, thoughtful design and an honest price. Quality kitchen tools are vital for a better cooking experience, yet most products are either cheap and flimsy or exorbitantly expensive. What’s more, confusing, over-marketed features make it hard to know what tools you actually need.

Misen represents a simpler approach to kitchenware; just the essentials, made with quality materials and sold at a fair price. By partnering closely with manufacturers and selling directly to our customers, we’re eliminating traditional retail markups and offering incredible value.”

I couldn’t agree more with what I read.  

It’s just as easy for someone new to cooking to feel overwhelmed by all the different options on the market in terms of cutlery, baking dishes, pots and pans as it is for someone new to a paleo diet to try and sift through all the bad info to get to the good stuff!

And it’s true; if you go the cheap route, you could end up paying more in the long run, not just because you’ll have to replace the item sooner than later, but more importantly, since we’re dealing with potentially harmful materials in our cookware, we could pay for it in terms of health consequences, too.

After they spend 18 months working through dozens of designs, Misen is finally ready to launch its Chef’s Knife, but they need your help.

Today marks the first day of their Kickstarter campaign and by helping them get this awesome project up and running, you’re also helping to spread the word that healthy living doesn’t have to equal living beyond one’s means.

            The knife’s features include:

  • Premium Japanese AUS-8 stainless steel for a sharper, longer-lasting edge
  • 60% higher carbon content than comparable “high-end” knife brands
  • Hybrid blade geometry combines the best of Japanese and German styles
  • Innovative handle design and sloped bolster pro-vide comfort in every hand while encouraging a proper “pinch grip”
  • More acute, 15-degree edge angles for an incredibly sharp cutting face

Click here to help send Misen on their way to becoming a household brand in the kitch, right along with Henckels and Wusthof!