A “Not-So” ‘Paleomeal’…

Af the end of a client's session this morning in his home, he said, "Oh- I've GOT to show you something- you'll love this!  I have a Paleo Meal Mix that should be perfect for The Paleo Diet!".

This I HAD to see.

He showed me a canister of powder called 'paleomeal' which is a low carb, protein powder meant to be mixed into a shake. Sound good?

Of course, the first thing I had to do was to check the label.  Here is what it showed:

"Other Ingredients: Pea protein, rice protein, rice flour, xylitol, natural berry flavor, natural vanilla flavor, stevia, xanthan gum and tapioca dextrin."

Wow.   Peas?  Rice? Xylitol? Xanthan gum and tapioca?

How are those foods Paleo?

Yes, I do acknowledge that even though paleolithic man did not have protein shakes, I do recommend my own recipe as a healthy Paleo meal option for on-the go or pre workout, BUT my recipe is Paleo-friendly and includes only egg white protein powder, raw almond butter and some fresh fruit, blended with water or decaf, chilled, unsweetened green tea, all of which are foods that are (aside from being FOOD) part of The Paleo Diet.

Interesting to see that these foods are being sold as Paleo friendly!

Yet another example of why we always, always need to read the label on EVERYTHING!