It’s Not A Fad, But If You Want To Call It That, So What?

“Paleo is a fad diet”.  

I’ve heard this statement many a time and you have likely heard it or read it, too.

But rather than get up in arms about it, how about just rolling with it?

If we think in terms of the approach that there is no such thing as bad PR, we can look at it as an opportunity for people to learn about it and consider that perhaps those who think it’s a fad would mistakenly assume it would be like other ‘fads’ like extremely low calorie diets, lemon juice, cayenne and maple syrup diets or cabbage soup diets.

However, upon further investigation, they might just happen across some accurate information and see that it’s really just a common sense way to eat.

There actually are not any gimmicks to it.  

When we really break it down, the message is:  eat lots of vegetables, some fruit, lean meats and healthy fats and don’t eat processed, wrapped, canned, boxed items as the staples of your diet.

How is that a fad?

It’s my feeling that the issue arises with the interesting permutations of Paleo eating, some of which are so far from the principles of what Paleo is all about, they do indeed sound like a fad.

What can we do?

Lead by example, educate when we have a chance and continue following this balanced approach to healthy living.