Fast Food? As In, A Meal YOU Can Make Quickly!

Last night, I threw together a lovely meal after a long day of work.  My husband was out of town; even though I was going to dine solo, there's no need to lower the cooking and presentation standard that I hold so high!

I seared some bone in, skin on free range, organic chicken breast in olive oil infused with sun dried tomato and fresh basil, then transferred the whole cast iron skillet to finish cooking in a 450F oven for about 20 minutes, flipping once half way, then removing to let rest, tented under foil.

Meanwhile, I steamed some rapini (Hubbie's least fav veg- so when he's out of town, that's on the menu!:), tossed a quick mesclun green salad with blueberries & olive oil and in less than half an hour, I had myself a lovely Paleo dinner:


That is MY idea of fast food, in home, healthy and 100% PURE PALEO!  Plus, I made double so I had today's lunch ready in no time flat.

Important to be efficient in food prep, just as in racing!