Lower-Fat Eggplant Preparation

A common trend I notice in many eggplant recipes is the notion that since this veg soaks up so much oil, one needs to keep adding more and more oil while cooking.  I disagree!   If, for example, you're sauteing it with garlic and oil in a cast iron skillet, you may find that initially, it begins to stick, but if you continue to cook over a low flame, the water content eventually starts to express itself and the veg softens up.

Granted, I'm not talking about recipes like Eggplant Parm or other fried preparation methods, as I'm  not inclined to fry any foods as an option.  However, for a quick saute with some spinach, basil, garlic & oil, for example, this method works quite well.

As long as you're not following an Auto-Immune Program in which night shades are contraindicated, feel free to enjoy this tasty, purple veggie!