I Need Your Help. The Country Needs Your Help!

I’ve got an idea.  It could be groundbreaking and I’ve already got some key components of the idea, so please, read on.

Along with my launch of the NYC Wing of my brand,  Paleoista, comes some new and exciting changes.  

In the past, a large part of the business has been one on one consulting and while I will continue to offer this service, there are far too many opportunities and far too many people to reach, here in the city that never sleeps, for me to spend one day not pursuing any and all of my ideas to build the brand and keep getting the Paleo message out to the masses.

Lectures, international corporate implementation of Paleo, seminars, book signings and cooking demos remain part and parcel of the foundation of the business, as is partnering with a Paleo delivery service and catering openings in art galleries and boutiques.

So where do you come in?

I need your help finding a family for a special project I’m working on, preferably in the NY/NJ area, who is simply headed down the path to destruction in terms of their health and needs a complete overhaul of their lifestyle. 

Contact me if you are, or if you know, a family who could  benefit tremendously.

Details to follow as they arise!

Thank you.