Hold The Sauce…

When dining out, your best bet may be to order 'sauce on the side' as a rule of thumb.  Regardless of whether you think a the sauce on the wild salmon entree sounds like it's in keeping with #The Paleo Diet, you never really know!

I ordered sauteed chicken and peppers the other day at a restaurant, and even though there was nothing listed on the menu as a seemingly obvious culprit, after one bite, i could tell that there was soy sauce in the dish!  Had to send the dish back and order simple grilled chicken in it's proxy.  Totally fixable but just a little reminder that we have to always read between the (menu) lines!

Eating out is something that can easily  be done while staying true to form on Paleo; we just have to remember to always be savvy, ask lots of questions and, order that sauce on the side!