Technique- Peeling Ginger

One of the lovely things about Paleo eating is that our palates, fresh from the removal of loads of additives and excessive salts & sugars, can so much more enjoy the flavors of spices, herbs and… FOOD, sometimes in its simplest state!

Learning to incorporate many subtle to intense flavors is but one of the satiating benefits to cooking for a Paleo table.

Ginger is one of my faves, personally.   Use fresh ginger to give flair to an Asian dish, boil some in water to make a natural 'tea' of sorts, or thinly slice some into your alkaline water to offer a bit of zing.

But what about that thick, stubborn peel?

Do you find that when you use fresh ginger, you end up throwing half of the root away as a result of poor peeling technique?

I have JUSt the tool for you- a SPOON!

Using the side of a teaspoon, scrape the peel off, in short, hard swipes:


You can get quite thorough- right in between all the knobby protrusions- with little to no waste at all!

Then slice, dice or mince away, depending on whatever preparation your recipe or concoction calls for!