5 Quick Paleo Lunches on Livestrong.com…And They’re Really Paleo

When I saw the title “5 Quick Paleo Lunches” on the Livestrong site last week, I will admit I was a little fearful of what I might find. Paleo (ish) sandwiches with “bread”?  A “pizza” with grass-fed cheese? To my delight- neither applied; rather, the five recipes were relatively close to being True Paleo! Aside from the ghee, salt and canned coconut milk (which some readers may view as me being nit-picky, but these food items are still not Paleo), the focus was on protein, veggies and good fats along with some nice seasonings & spices. Very refreshing to see articles and recipes like this a bit more often amongst all the ones for “Paleo” brownies and ice creams!