Reinventing Dinner Leftovers into Delicious Breakfasts

Leftovers. Yuck. The mere word conjures up images of dried out chicken, fish with an unpleasant odor and a hardened layer of fat over what was once some lovely just from a grass-fed roast at the bottom of a glass roasting dish. Well, what if there were a way to easily and quickly take your leftover dinner and transform it into an interesting meal the next day, for lunch or even, gasp, for breakfast? In Pocket Paleo Breakfast, I dedicate a whole chapter just to that.     Ten recipes all about taking that leftover chicken, steak or even bison burger and recreating something fresh and new the next day for any meal that suits you. Click here for a sneak peek into one example: Grass-fed Rib-Eye Becomes Steak and Eggs!