The Kale Challenge- My Raw Kale Recipe

One bunch each of Red, Green and Dino Kale

Freshly Chopped Red Onion

Freshly Chopped Garlic

Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive OIl

Fresh Lime Juice

Black Pepper

Chopped Fresh Tomato

Clean and chop kale finely; place in large flat bowl.  Top wit chopped garlic & onion and mix well.  Pour olive oil on top mix again, followed by lime juice.  (The citric acid helps to soften the leaves just a touch, making them more palatable for those who might shy away from plain raw kale). Cover with cling film and refrigerate for 24 – 48 hours, stirring occasionally to mix thoroughly.   30 minutes before serving, take out to bring to room temp.  Add chopped tomato to each serving (in order to avoid, and thus ruining the tomato, as it will turn mushy & mealy), and toss well.  Spritz with a squeeze of lime and freshly ground pepper.

Enjoy and get ready to support the movement to Eat More Kale!