Healthy Holiday Tip of the Day: Plan Your Special Occasion Splurges

Approaching December with the mindset that ‘you’re never eating chocolate again’ if you’re someone who loves chocolate, may not necessarily be your best route. Similarly, if one of the holiday parties you’re attending is at the house of a friend who happens to have an amazing wine cellar and you’re like I am, and enjoy a beautiful rich glass of Cab now and then, it may behoove you to actually plan to partake. Yes, you’re reading this correctly. Here’s the deal:  select the handful of occasions on your calendar for the festive month of December and plan around which will be fitting to have something a bit out of your norm. That glass of wine as in the situation mentioned above may be just such a case. The holiday office party, where wine from a box might be served, not so much. Then, when you’ve determined which will be those special occasions for you, plan around it.  Increase your veggies even more that day, hydrate beyond what you normally do, stay extremely on top of maintaining your blood sugar with healthy proteins, fats and copious amounts of veggies, and steer away from sugar- even fruit. You’ll be getting enough from that wine! This way, you don’t feel deprived, you stay on track and, by the way, you’re a lot less likely to pack on any holiday pounds!