It’s Just Food. Why is That So Surprising?

There is nothing tricky to the Paleo approach.  

I often hesitate to call it a diet as that can imply a direct endpoint as well as infer a host of other unattractive, negative associations such as deprivation, restriction for a while, followed by a frustrated binge and then a repeat of the cycle over and over again.

Really, at its very essence, True Paleo is nothing more than eating real, fresh, local food.   And since food is, by definition, any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth, we automatically eliminate anything that’s not food if we’re true to Paleo.

Out the window goes fast food,  packaged processed foodstuff, mixes, boxes, bars and the like…unless, one can somehow show how a candy bar or a side of fries provides nutrition, that is.

So why is it that its newsworthy to learn that a celebrity lost weight and achieved a lean physique by adopting the principles of Paleo into their regime?

Or that a 35 year old woman discovered that her adult acne went away when she stopped eating dairy?

Or that a 50 year old main who had suffered from chronic pain and migraines for years felt relief after omitting gluten?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a huge advocate of people turing their lives around by what they put in their bodies and I do think it’s tremendous to witness such transformations…but really, if we weren’t taught to eat these things in the first place and then, after becoming sick and/or fat that we need pills to address the symptoms but can carry on poisoning ourselves with the toxins… and so on, it wouldn’t be seen as such an unattainable miracle.

It’s so, so simple.  If we eat what we are meant to be eating, we will feel well and we will not be overweight.

I think it should be the new tag line.  True Paleo…it’s just food.