It’s My Birthday…And Here’s What I’d Like…

Will you pay it forward?

What’s the connection between Paleo and Birthday and Pay It Forward?

I have no idea.

I just felt like approaching the first day of my 39th year with an attitude of gratitude and would love to ask you to do the same.

Cook a Paleo meal for a family in need, donate some time to a community center to help start the planning stages for a shared organic veggie garden or share what you’ve learned about the benefits of your healthy Paleo lifestyle by offering a talk at your children’s school.

No matter what the actual gift is, just the intention.

Taking time to pause and think about all we have and what we can all do to help others is, I feel, the best way to approach each day and life in general.  We all get caught up in the day to day stresses of life and it’s easy to take for granted all we have in our lives.  

Even a few minutes each morning spent thinking about our family, our work, our health…whichever facets our lives that feel like they’re going along smoothly while at the same time appreciating the challenges we face as just those- challenges to work through, rather than obstacles to stop us in our tracks, can be the difference between a positive pro-active life and a stressed induced breakdown.

So, again, think about what you can do to make a difference and please proceed.   It feels really, really good.